YouTube launched a “Speed Dashboard”, which will make it easier to get speed information about videos. The “Dashboard,” which will be available to users will offer “granular insight into what your YouTube video speed looks like,” according to YouTube’s Chris Dale.
“We think it’s pretty cool and all part of our goal to make the web a faster place,” he adds.
This will affect your YouTube video speed, the speed of your Internet connection, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) your using and the distance to the video servers. Users will now be able to compare their video speed to other regions and different ISPs.
“We may also list the YouTube speeds for users in your neighborhood but with different ISPs,” says YouTube. “The speed numbers are calculated by measuring the speed at which YouTube video is received by the browser. This is then averaged over the previous 30 days provided you’ve used the same browser during this time period.”
Over the past year Google has been working on the speed. They’ve talked about making page speed the main factor in ranking search results. Google has provided webmasters with a lot of tools to help increase their own speeds.