As recent as last summer, Google started updating there Google Shopping platform and requiring its unique product identifiers to play a bigger role than before. This improvement comes because Google said it was improving support for merchant-defined multipacks. This new feed specification gave clarification for submitting multipacks and has now started recommending higher-quality images to be displayed.
Products such as customer goods, collectibles and antique items, which don’t typically have UPI (unique product identifiers) Google introduced, identifier exists attribute, and updated it’s requirements.
Google has really begun to be more specific on Google Shopping and even started disapproving products last year that did not have data for UPI’s, invalid GTINs and incorrectly used the identifier exists attribute.
In a new update earlier this week Google Announced….
1. Disapprove products with incorrect GTIN, MPN and brand
2. Demote products that incorrectly use the Identifier Exists attribute.
Google will continue to ramp up its approval and disapproval processes to make sure only legitimate products are available to online shoppers.
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