Web Analytics can be hard to analyze, and even harder to explain. But, Google just made things a whole lot easier with new In-Page Analytics.
Typically, a business will ask their SEO provider for metrics like page views. Maybe bounce rates. If they’re super-advanced, maybe they’ll understand the importance of tracking conversions. But in the past, your answers always required numbers. And a story via spreadsheet is never very interesting.
But now, users can view data superimposed directly over their site. And once you see it, you’ll be blown away. The technology is actually pretty easy. Google Analytics tracks the path your guests take on your site. So, with In-Page Analytics, you can see which links and pages are getting clicked on the most often. When you see that the 2nd link in your list gets 75% of the clicks, why not make it easier to give your users what they want and move it to the top? It’s little decisions like this that Google’s In-Page Analytics will make easy.
Keep in mind that In-Page Analytics is still in beta, and will improve over time.