Since the launch of Google Buzz, Google has been offering tips for using Buzz more effectively. Last week, five tips were offered:
1. Format your posts
2. View a summary of you own Buzz activity
3. Use an @reply to send a post directly to someone’s inbox
4. Try keyboard shortcuts to fly through buzz
5. Mute posts so they don’t get sent to your inbox.
Today, five more tips were offered:
1. Post by Email
2. Prevent your boring chat status messages from being posted to Buzz
3. Look for the yellow line to see what’s new.
4. Link to a post
5. Follow the Buzz team in Google Buzz.
Google probably could do more in promoting the usage of Buzz and get people more interested. These tips were offered in hopes of doing just that, but how many Gmail users actually keep up with the blog where the tips were posted? Google Buzz is an entirely different product, yet doesn’t have its own blog?
Google has positive hopes for Buzz and it appears that the industry is taking an interested to it.