Today, Google released a product called Google Wave as a beta to 100,000 beta testers Wednesday that they believe will change online communication.
The idea is that a “wave” or “hosted conversation” is created through Google’s new web application that combines blogs, photo sharing websites, email, Wikipedia and online chat to form a new way to communicate. According to Google, they want these 100,000 beta testers to find the glitches in the web application before they release the product to the public at the end of the year.
Created by the Rasmussen brothers, Jens and Lars, who also developed Google Maps, hope to replace email as the dominate way people talk on the Internet.
In Google Wave, communications that are like email can be edited by users at the same time. You can also chat about certain documents in real time where users can see what someone is typing as they are typing.
So what happens if you come in to the conversation late? Well you can replay everything that you missed.
The Rasmussen’s want Google Wave to be a new real time communication system for today’s fast paced, multitasking Internet.
The application does have its share of glitches currently, but it is getting better, and based on all the great applications that Google has put out already, I have no doubt that they will get the glitches straightened out and they will have a great product.
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