Google is launching the Google Voice application for both the iPhone and Palm WebOS. The program is an HTML5 app, where it provides users with a “fast and versatile” mobile experience.
“For example, AppCache lets you interact with web apps without a network connection and local databases allow you to store data locally on the device, so you don’t lose data even when you close the browser,” says Google in a post to its Mobile blog.
“For quick access to the most important features like ‘Dialer’, ‘Compose SMS’, ‘Inbox’ or ‘Contacts,’ you can add shortcuts to your iPhone home screen or Palm Launcher — so cheap calls and messaging will be just a single click away. And because the Google Voice web app uses advanced features of modern HTML5 browsers, it offers native app-like performance and speed,” Google adds.
Not only can users access a streamlined version of their Google Voice inbox, but with the new app, they’re able to display their Google Voice number as the outbound caller ID. You’re also able to receive text message for free and place international calls at Google Voice’s rates.