For those of you who have a hard time remembering what password you use for all of the different online accounts you created, this news from Google may give you yet another headache. But for those of you who use the same password, for every account you own…and it’s your first name, this two-factor authentication may ge a great step in the right direction for you.
Two-factor authentication is exactly what it sonds like. It’s 2-step verification, relying on not only your password, but something else you have, like your mobile device. In fact, you’re probably familiar with this already. For instance, have you ever tried to log-in to your bank account from your work computer. And they say “we don’t recognize this IP address,” and want to either text you a verification password or send it to your e-mail account? Same thing here.
Opt in if you want that safety. Because then, if hackers steal your password, they’ll only have half of what they need.