Google has launched a new tool on their Google toolbar called Sidewiki. The new tool is supposed to let you as a user offer helpful information to any website right on their browser, while searchers can read context about websites added by other users. This tool will also allow you as a user to share Google Sidewiki entries on Blogger, Facebook, Google profiles and Twitter.
Now it is important to understand that this is only on the Google toolbar and you have to download this, so the potential impact on Internet marketing is minimal as millions of people do not have the Google toolbar downloaded.
So what should you do as a website owner? Take ownership of Sidewiki now and set the tone. Set the expectations and standard that you as a website owner want. When Google puts a tool out, it is not very often that they will fail, so you must embrace this. Make this a daily thing for your social media. The search benefits of Google Sidewiki is still to be found out and that will take time, so remember a good offense is just as important as a good defense.
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