Google Inc. recently sent three Google representatives to visit the Windy City Strategies team to talk about our strategic partnership and exciting new marketing opportunities being launched that would be beneficial to our clients.
Windy City Strategies is a certified pay per click management company. This certification allows for a close working relationship with Windy City Strategies and Google. Our dedicated Google representatives consist of two agency strategists and a business development manager. The business development manager is Windy City Strategies ambassador within Google that identifies sales and business development opportunities in which Windy City Strategies is introduced to new Google products and Beta programs. Our agency strategists support Windy City Strategies by suggesting new optimization opportunities for existing accounts, Beta enrollments, new product tutorials, and technical support with Google.
During the visit, the Google representatives spent much of the time training the Windy City Strategies team on the new Beta programs along with new changes upcoming to the Google AdWords platform. Google also spent a great deal of time with Bjorn Torling, President of Windy City Strategies, on how Google could support Windy City Strategies better for 2013. “Hosting Google in our office and learning about our company is a great asset for our current clients and potential clients. It is really a win-win for everybody,” states Bjorn Torling.
Another way Google has helped Windy City Strategies take its marketing to the next level is by partnering with our subsidiary company, Windy City Web Designs, which builds custom and content management system websites. Windy City Web Designs creates websites that are search engine friendly and most importantly, Google friendly. Since Windy City Strategies is able to get all the latest Google news from our dedicated representatives, we have been able to implement the latest search engine optimization techniques provided by our Google reps to all of our website clients.
Torling says, “This visit to Windy City Strategies has been a great opportunity for our whole team to learn, ask questions and get a one on one approach with Google that is not available to many companies.”
About Windy City Strategies Windy City Strategies is a full service Internet marketing firm that helps businesses of all sizes with pay per click campaign management, search engine optimization, website design and development, and Internet marketing consulting.
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By Alisha Lowans