Why does your competition seem to be having so much online success while you’re struggling to find your bearings?
Google is now hoping to provide you with a tangible answer to that question with their new “Analyze Competition” feature found in the “Opportunities” tab inside Google AdWords.
This new feature will examine your account’s activity over a 2-week period, and list the category spaces they believe you must be fighting in based on your keywords, ad text and landing page text. For each category, you will then see a bar graph that highlights your individual performance compared to other advertisers in the category.
This will not only help you find new search terms and get rid of ones incorrectly categorized, but better understand the marketing positions your competitors are taking.
Now, this is an automated feature, so there are intelligence limitations. And if you’re serious about search engine success, you’re better off finding a search engine optimization or Google Adwords expert. But, this could be a very helpful tool for companies trying to do some initial investigation for themselves.