Web designers everywhere are smiling at a new Google Preview feature that Google has been testing lately. This new search results feature will let users see full-page site previews by hovering over the search result before they click through to the site itself.
This could have significant ramifications in terms of both content and, most importantly, design.
Because design matters. Not just in terms of navigation, but in terms of user confidence. And if a user thinks your site looks spammy, or unpr0fessional, they may no longer even get to your site to give you that boost in bounce rate. Another important feature to note is that Google will highlight certain sections of the page based on where your search text shows up on the site. This will help the user see, at a glance, whether or not this site will be helpful to their search.
What does this mean for the world of design? Design, for the first time ever, should dramatically affect click-throughs and not just improve the user experience. Familiar layouts.  Bold and simplistic design. All things Web designers may find themselves working toward as this feature goes live.