When Windy City Strategies is doing internet marketing consulting, clients ask what the Google page rank is and what it means to them. Well, Google page rank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to a set of hyper-linked set of documents, and from there it measures its importance within the set. In simple terms, how important is your page based on incoming links, and each of those links are weighted too. A page that is linked to by many high page ranked pages themselves will get a high page rank too. If you have no links coming in, you do not have any support for that page, so you will get a low page rank.
Now Google page rank is a score between 1-10 with 10 being the best, and this is based on how important Google views your site. The links incoming to the site along with the quality of those links is a major part of the page rank, but not all of it. They also look at relevance of search words on the page along with actual visits. Now all of this is just speculation as Google provides no specific information on how other factors influence the page rank.
The keys to remember is that you have some control with your page rank and your internet consultant can show you how by creating new pages and keeping your site fresh by adding new content from time to time, but as far as score, don’t go crazy trying to get that high as fast as possible. That most likely will get you in trouble. Google wants growth with your website instead of making it stagnant through the years. It makes complete sense, and I think Google does a great job with it.
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