Google announced that the company would now make sure that ads linking up to mobile app would download automatically and appear only on devices that actually offer those apps. Also, these ads will display a “download” link as opposed to a URL.

“Simply include ‘’ or ‘’ followed by the app name in the ad’s visible URL, and it will automatically display as ‘Download iPhone App’ or ‘Download Android App,'” says Katrina Kurnit of Google’s Inside AdWords crew.

Advertisers will have the option to select specific devices or carries for their ads in general.

“If you’ve chosen to show ads on iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers, you can now target specific mobile devices or carriers,” says Kurnit. “This feature makes it easier for you to reach the right users if you have a carrier- or device-specific message. This includes landing pages that have been optimized for a specific device, billing relationships with certain carriers, or mobile apps developed for a specific platform. For example, if you sell iPhone cases, you can use device targeting to ensure that users with Android phones won’t see your ads.”