Google likes so much, they have reportedly acquired the e-commerce site for more than $100 million. So, what does Google like so much about The fact that online shoppers are going to fall in like with its visual shopping tool capabilities.
You buy a book online. You know what you’re getting. You buy clothes online. It’s a leap of faith. Do the colors I see match the real colors of the design? And more importantly to many fashion-forward women who specifically buy clothes and accessories to complement other items in their wardrobe, will this go with my outfit?’s “Visual Search Technology” will let you instantly search for specific colors, features and patterns that match another product you select. Shoppers now have the ability to select an outfit online, put together from multiple retailers, and know it’s going to work pre-purchase. has been quickly growing in both revenue and traffic. And while Google almost acquired the company back in 2005 when they were called Riya, they couldn’t stay away from the company they liked so much.