Many parents don’t even give their children “the talk” anymore. They’re either too nervous to do so, believe the public school system will do it for them, or a combination of both. But, today, the reality is that Google is probably your children’s sex ed teacher.
As an 8-year old, if I had a question, I asked my 8-year old peer, who made up some ridiculous answer that I took as factually unquestionable. Today, I can just type the question in Google and have the scientific answer in milliseconds. And this is what is happening today. A focus group study known as TECHsexUSA shows that teenagers address their sexual questions and health issues, primarily via search engines and Google specifically.
Now, I suppose children ending up on health science sites through their search engine results isn’t the fear here, but rather, that Google directs them toward visual aids to help them in their exploration.