Google launched a YouTube channel for its Google Apps Marketplace that was released recently. The Apps marketplace is where developers can go to create apps that will integrate with Google Apps and eventually sell them to users. According to the search engine giant, they are able to reach more than two million businesses and 25 million users.
This channel is a good place for people to browse through apps that are currently available and see what each app can do.
“The Apps Marketplace YouTube channel showcases videos from Marketplace vendors,” said YouTube’s Chris Kelly. “Ranging from funny to informative, from cartoons to screencasts, these videos are meant to convey the benefits of extending Google Apps with integrated apps that work seamlessly with Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more. We’re happy to already have more than a dozen videos in the channel and over 60 integrated app vendors in the Marketplace, and look forward to more great things as the Marketplace grows.”
Even though the Apps marketplace is still new, it’s expected to grow significantly as the YouTube channel continues being a good destination for people to check out useful and relevant apps.