The Google Apps Marketplace provides apps specifically designed for business owners and professionals. And Google has just announced that they have released nine new Apps to the Google Apps Marketplace, so we wanted to give you a quick overview of these applications and explain how these Apps can help you streamline your work routine.

  • Acunote – an enterprise-level online project management tool
  • Backupify – automatically backups critical Calendar, Docs, Gmail and Contacts info
  • DeskAway – a project collaboration tool for small businesses
  • FormLizard – create new and optimize existing forms for easier online data retrieval
  • Ketera – aggregate business supplier search makes B2B shopping easier
  • LumoFlow – an enterprise-class social collaboration solution
  • MangoSpring Collaboration Suite – seamless integration of all of your MangoApps
  • RescueTime – automatic time tracker and time management tool
  • ToBeeDo – online task management service

Some of these apps are free. And most have free trials. So, at the very least, go check them out and see if these Google apps can help your business.