Last week, Google introduced personalized suggestions for Google Maps. This allows users who save web history enabled to find places faster as Google makes suggestions based on past searches. Now they’ve launched the feature for Google Maps for Mobile on Android.
“If you often use both a computer and a mobile phone in your daily routine, it can seem like a hassle when they don’t stay in sync,” the Google Maps team says. “You might spend time on your computer looking for a great used bookstore, only to forget the name of the place when you are ready to get directions from your phone. Sure, you could print directions in advance, but we believe smartphones are ‘smart’ because they save you time.”
On top of the personalized suggestions, Google introduced starring in Google Maps for Mobile and Android. This will let users save places to access later.
“So whether you’re standing at Amoeba Music with your phone or making plans to go there on your computer, you can star it so it appears on the map next time you’re on either device,” the team says. “When viewing place details, just press the star icon next to the place name; these starred places are automatically synchronized between desktop and mobile, and can be accessed from both the ‘More’ menu on your phone and from the My Maps tab on your computer.”
Google has also introduced a starring feature for Google News. This will give users another reason to have a Google account, which is probably Google’s motive for offering this feature.