Google is by far the most popular search engine in the US accounting for more than 25% of the Internet traffic. That makes Google more popular than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined.
It is typical for Netflix to eat up more bandwidth than Google for a few hours each day, but the streaming video site’s peak traffic occurs just during “prime-time” hours. Google still averages a larger chunk of Internet traffic during the entire day. In a recent survey it has been discovered that Google is growing faster then the Internet as a whole. The last study in 2010 showed the Google only represented 6% of the Internet traffic.
Google has seen an alarming growth from mobile devices as well. The company commands the largest chunk of the smartphone and tablet markets with its Android devices, and those devices all regularly check in with Google for updates throughout the day. Smartphone runner-up Apple’s default search engine is Google, which adds to Google’s Internet traffic share.
Google is not only the most popular search engine for users, but for businesses well for marketing purposes. It takes up early 85% of searches world wide on a daily basis. Business now more than ever are drawn to Google for it’s amazing marketing capabilities and it’s overall presence as the top search engine.
By Alisha Lowans