With Google’s new Google iPhone App, notifications from your various Google accounts can now be pushed straight to your iPhone. No more need to check your e-mail. An icon badge will automatically pop up when you receive new mail in Gmail. Or what if a scheduled Google Calendar event is about to occur? That desktop reminder is only useful if you’re sitting patiently by your computer at the time. Now, a reminder will instantly pop up through your Google app on to your mobile home screen.
But more than just a convenient way to experience traditional Google account services, this new Google iPhone App will help you get information faster than ever before. When looking up stock quotes, flight info, weather, currency conversion or more, you’ll start to see your answers populate before you even hit the ‘Search’ button. This “as-you-type” search results feature is one that Google is playing with for their main search site as well.
The Google iPhone App is now available in the iPhone App store.