Google announced last week that it is testing app indexing with Android apps. What does this mean for you? This will allow for mobile app users that use Google as a means to search for your business, to point them directly to the information they are searching for on your website, in place of your business’ homepage.
With this ability, having an app for your business will eliminate any issues with pop-up ads, unnecessary taps, or even redirections to irrelevant pages. In addition to those benefits, this will give users the ability to view your business by means of your website or your app which will both be directed through Google.
Google will also be creating deep links to those apps that will result in taking the user to the correct webpage based on the users search results, but only if the user has that business’ app installed.
Since this new development by Google is still being tested, this will not be readily available for most businesses. However, some Android users, such as those with Google Search App 2.8+ and Android 4.1+, will see some of these deep links in the near future. These links will be featured with apps from well-known companies like Etsy, Expedia, OpenTable, and Trulia.
What is the downfall, you ask? Not only does this mean your business will have to develop an app, but it also means that the mobile user has to know there’s an app available for your business.
In addition, App indexing may not be for everyone since it appears that it will not have a direct effect on your website’s ranking. Google had stated in a Q&A last week that, “App indexing does not impact on your website’s ranking in the search results page. It does affect how a search result of your website is displayed, namely by adding a button to open the content in your app if the user has the app installed.”
It seems the biggest advantage to Google’s app indexing is all based around the app user’s ability to access your page for a matter of convenience. The future may be mobile apps, but today it is still all about your website and search engine optimization.
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