Just a few weeks ago, Google announced it has been brainstorming a few new ideas for features involving Google Shopping.  The plan is to create an emphasis on local merchants.  Local merchants include near by businesses , local storefronts, and availability for local product listing ads.

When someone searches for a product on Google, before the update, they may have seen a PLA from a local store.  They would most likely land on a local storefront page when they click it.  Once clicked, that someone would be able to browse the local store’s inventory.

Local availability and the local storefront for Product Listing Ads are mainly based upon the local product listings Google manages through their Google Merchant Center.  The Google Merchant Center lets retailers provide users with in the now items, pricing, and available information for each store location.

Retailers that wish to invest with this will pay for clicks on the Product Listing Ad to the local storefront, paying for the service by each click.  This is called a Pay Per Click program that allows businesses to only pay the company they are using for internet optimization each time their site is visited by a viewer.

With Pay Per Click (PPC) you know you are only paying for the services if your website is actually generating traffic, giving your business more cash flow.  At Windy City Strategies, we provide your customers with internet marketing strategies that really work, just like PPC.  We know how important it is that you business is seen and used by the public, especially local businesses.  This is why we strive to put you at the top of the list.  With PPC you will be generating traffic through your website, allowing people to take advantage of your goods and services, helping your business grow!