Google launched a new search feature called “answer highlighting,” based on Google Squared. The new feature was announced at Google’s structured date project last year at the company’s Searchology event. The feature highlights answers to applicable searches within the search snippet.

So, if the query is “empire state height,” it’ll bold the actual answer for that, as well as the words used in the search.

“Most information on the web is unstructured. For example, blogs integrate paragraphs of text, videos and images in ways that don’t follow simple rules. Product review sites each have their own formats, rating scales and categories. Unstructured data is difficult for a computer to interpret, which means that we humans still have to do a fair amount of work to synthesize and understand information on the web,” says Google. “Google Squared is one of our early efforts to automatically identify and extract structured data from across the Internet. We’ve been making progress, and today the research behind Google Squared is, for the first time, making search better for everyone with a new feature called ‘answer highlighting.'”