Google has figured out yet anther way to make money off the site they bought three years ago for $1.65 billion. Google announced another tool that will help small companies advertise on YouTube.
Emily Williams, an Inside AdWords team member went on the corporate blog where she wrote, “[W]e’re announcing another new feature in Display Ad Builder that lets advertisers use simple templates to create InVideo overlays and companion ads on YouTube.” (FYI: “An InVideo ad is an animated flash overlay that appears at the bottom part of a video that a user is watching.”)
Williams later blogged, “Now, any advertiser can use Display Ad Builder to turn their image ads into overlays and run a campaign on YouTube in minutes. Depending on the type of campaign an advertiser wants to run, overlays can be bought on a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) basis, and can be matched to YouTube videos based on numerous criteria (like demographics or content categories), or even on a video by video level.”
This can be popular consider that the takeover ads on YouTube’s homepage can be sold way in advance for hundreds of thousands of dollars. More brownie points since this move is low risk since it won’t take much with resources in order to execute and won’t cut any privacy corners.