Google announced earlier this week that it was giving Google+ a facelift and if you haven’t seen the new look, click here to check it out! While some people might not enjoy the new layout if your an avid Facebook or Pinierest user you will find many similarities which make using the new platform easy to navigate.
Google+ has been updated with 41 new features. One of the most talked about feature is it’s content feed. When you or someone else makes a post to your Google+posts show up in one, two or three columns depending on the screen size being used to check out Google+. Previously, the site displayed just one column, so the new look makes it easier to see more posts at one time. Google+ is also allowing video or photo posts to be displayed across the entire width of the screen.
Overall, we think the new Google+ look is much easier to use than the previous version. It gives users a more inviting experience and displays activity much better than before.
And…..If you haven’t already heard as well, Google is launching a new music system, Google Maps and the ability to search using your voice. Google once again is leading the pack of Internet search engines with it’s latest updates.
By Alisha Lowans