You might have heard already that Google is overhauling their PPC AdWords accounts with a brand new platform called Google Enhanced Campaigns. This enhancement is Google’s new approach to mobile search advertising. What that means is that you no longer will have to run two campaigns, one for desktop and one for mobile, but now advertisers can consolidate their device targeting to include desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We get to say goodbye to duplicating campaigns to track mobile usage & hello to an easy to use all in one campaign.
Google AdWords is rolling out this enhancement slowly, so if your not on the new enhanced level yet, fear not, you will be shortly. In the mean time, here are some things to look forward too with the new campaigns:
1. Campaign Level Bid Adjustments per Device– now you can set a percentage bid adjustment for your mobile advertising. That means anytime someone searches for a keyword using a mobile device you will pay the adjusted bid price. You will also have the option to remove mobile targeting all together by setting your bid at -100%.
2. Bid Adjustments by Time and Day– Increase or decrease your bids depending on your business. If your in retail you might want to increase bids during a certain time, or if you a small business reduce bids during evening or weekend hours.
3. Mobile Specific Ads– As of right now, the ads you have  set for your campaign show no matter what device you are using. Now you can create mobile specific ads so when a user searches on their smart phone the mobile ad displays.
4. Mobile Extensions– You now can assign specific ad extensions to display on desktop, tablet or mobile.
5. Call Conversions– No longer do you have to display your phone number in your ad which takes away important characters to describe your business or service. Now you can add a call extension which displays your phone number next to your ad and best of all, can be tracked to see how many people are converting through phone calls.
These are just some of the top changes that Google AdWords is rolling out in their enhanced campaigns. For more information, or to get your Google AdWords PPC account updated, contact Windy City Strategies. We are a Google certified company and can help your business enhance your listings.
By Alisha Lowans