Google is putting and end to Google Checkout and placing its payment processing future solely on Google Wallet. Google has officially made the announcement last week along with a long list of other enhancements, upgrades and new products. While Google Checkout is still available to use currently, Google has announced that it will be shutting it down in six month which is why now is the perfect time to make the switch.
The new Google Wallet is designed to make checkout easier for users to buy physical goods and services through the Android app in as few as two clicks.  The new Google Wallet will also integrate with Gmail and enable users to send money to friends and family within Gmail using Google Wallet.
Overall the new Google Wallet sounds like it’s going to an outstanding platform for purchasers to use. If you haven’t made the switch yet, we would recommend upgrading and checking out how simple and easy Google Wallet is to use.
By Alisha Lowans