Google claims to have changed the game again. This time for the book industry. Google eBookstore has launched, and at launch time, with over three million titles on tap, is the world’s largest ebooks collection.
So, besides that, why you should start buying your ebooks through Google? Well, Google eBooks are designed to be open-source. Compatible with laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and e-readers. Plus, with your book purchase taking place in the cloud, now you access your ebooks just like you would anything else online – utilizing your Google account for anywhere access.
Plus, before reading, you can view an online sample of the first section of the book to judge readability – and content – for yourself.
For people who started buying their songs in iTunes, it’s hard switching to even a cheaper solution, because your collection is mixed. Fortunately, Google’s getting into the game just as ebooks are going mainstream. Will they be the iTunes of books? We’ll see. But, we like their chances.