The newest Google Earth site is now live! And prepare yourself to be creeped out. Because this isn’t your grandma’s globe. This stuff is crazy. 3D modeling. Images. Videos. Tours. Maps. Tutorials. All within amazingly high-definition images of Earth’s grandeur.
Since Google Earth’s launch five years ago, many people simply used the site to see the latest satellite image of their house, and thought it was interesting to see their car in the driveway. Some more adventurous explorers sought out Earth’s natural treasures. Mt. Everest. The Great Barrier Reef. The Great Wall of China. For an up close and personal view never before possible.
But now it’s even crazier. Because users are now creating 3D models within Google Earth. To make Google Earth more closely resemble real Earth. Cities are beginning to look like cities – at least Pixar-created cities with Street-view stalker capabilities. Educators. Teachers. Scientists. All engaged with the future learning potential of this creepy technology.
And there’s more. Google Earth is now officially named incorrectly. Because you can now Google Moon and Google Space as well. We’ll see if any Martians end up suing Google for privacy issues.