Google introduced new Buzz buttons for content providers. The buttons allow users to share content through Buzz without having to leave the site they’re currently on, which makes the buttons easy for readers to follow a publication on Buzz. Now anyone can go there and simply create their own Buzz buttons.
“A number of sharing platforms, including ShareThis, Meebo, Shareholic, AddThis and AddtoAny have also incorporated the Google Buzz button into their sharing functionality, so you’ll see Buzz listed as a choice when you go to share something on many other sites around the web as well,” notes Product Manager Mussie Shorek.
If you want to create a “Post to Buzz” button, just pick the style, location of post count, language, URL to post and image to post. You will then get a code from Google to add. Users can test the button by reloading the page you added it to make sure it shows up and can click the link to see the posting box that other users will see.
This new feature can help keep the hype going around for Buzz.