We’ve all resigned ourselves to the fact that Google is going to take over the world. So, why am I surprised every time they take a new step in that direction I hadn’t anticipated?
Perhaps it’s because Microsoft Word has been the face of word processing for nearly two decades now. And now Google Docs looks like it might overtake it.
There are two major advantages to Google Docs over Word. One, it’s free. And Microsoft Office isn’t. Two, all of your Google Docs are saved online, so you can start a document on your work computer, finish it at home, and now, read it on your phone.
And with this latest Google Docs upgrade, Google has made it much more simple to read documents on both smart phones and iPads. PDFs. Powerpoint presentations. Even word documents. And you can view them all without having to download the files themselves.
While mobile editing is not yet a feature, expect Google to come up with that soon.