Google Chrome is going to become the #1 browser in the world over time. That sounds presumptuous, doesn’t it?
But, over the last year, Google Chrome has jumped from a 3.7% to a 11.5% market share. That’s huge, and what’s even more telling, is that Mozilla Firefox’s share is unchanged over that same time period at 31%, while Internet Explorer has dropped from 58.4% to 49.9%, it’s first non-majority share in decades.
Why is Google Chrome succeeding so heavily? Well, it has a a good brand name, obviously. People trust Google. And Google keeps growing. But more importantly, Chrome is simply better than its competition.
It’s faster. More reliable. And more secure. And with new extensions in the Google Chrome extensions gallery coming out every day, Chrome may win Web developers over, too.
Plus, as the default browser for Google TV and other Google products, it almost seems like a long-term inevitability, doesn’t it? Good thing it’s also the best browser out there.