As Apple continues to distance itself from Flash, Google recently announced its full integration within their Chrome browser.
The latest stable version of Chrome not only includes Flash, but has it programmed to start “on”. Plus, Chrome will handle all Flash updates seamlessly, so say goodbye to the endless stream of pop-ups and upgrade notifications. This automated approach will help from a security standpoint as well, since patches will be instantly applied as soon as they’re available.
So, which company is betting on the right horse here? Because Steve Jobs of Apple went out of his way earlier this year to write an open letter shaming Flash while banking on the future capabilities of HTML5. Is Google putting all of its eggs in Flash’s basket? Or is Google simply planning on Chrome being the industry leading browser for computers, and letting their Android browser compete in the phone world? Supporting what everyone currently uses and switching once the sun has set?
That sounds like a global leader to me. Plus, Google has a site set up to report any issues you experience with Chrome and its new Flash integration in order to fix bugs as quickly as possible.