There are hundreds of AdWords Management companies that will help optimize your AdWords campaign, but be sure to take advantage of every free tool and feature Google has to help AdWords clients get the most out of the program.
One tool in particular is the Campaign Optimizer that’s available within your AdWords account. When you implement some of the suggestions, you’ll be able to tweak your results enough to have positive changes to the return on investment (ROI). Campaign Optimizer takes a look at your ad text, keywords, landing page, and budget and runs it through their extensive database of past ad campaigns, comparing and analyzing in order to come up with a proposal of suggested changes. Once the proposal is presented, you have the option of implementing the changes or not on a piece-by-piece basis.
The three main areas the Campaign Organizer focuses on are: ad text, keywords, and budget analysis.
Ad text: Creating your ad text will make further suggestions on aspects like punctuation and capitalization.
Keywords: Keywords are important in your AdWords Campaign. This tool will look at the landing page(s) associated with your campaigns and what keywords will generate traffic to them.
Budget: After looking at the history of your AdWords Campaign, Google can find opportunities you’ve missed by not having enough in your budget to take advantage of them. A new budget proposal will be presented along with the details of missed opportunities.
The Campaign Organizer does not offer an intensive analysis of your campaign on the level of detail that an AdWords management company would put together, nor does the program suggest actions to cover all your bases. Only you can ultimately decide how useful of a feature it is for your specific AdWords campaigns.