Did you know that Google currently is testing a new web search called Google Caffeine, which is an upgraded version of their current search engine. Google wants this new web search to be able to crawl a big chunk of the web, index those pages and compute their quality and then rank and return those results to users as quickly as possible. Google Caffeine is essentially going to be able to increase the index size, speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of their web search.
This new infrastructure is currently is beta testing, but Google has opened a preview, so you can go in and look under the hood so to speak. Now a lot of the systems are not currently working, but they want feedback on search on the current system compared to the new Google Caffeine. They would also like to know if you notice certain web sites rank better than others or if a site should not even rank for a certain query.
Well, here is how you give feedback. Go to www2.sandbox.google.com, and search for something. If you are displeased with something, scroll to the bottom and click on “Dissatisfied? Help Us Improve.” Click on the link, enter your feedback in the text box, and make sure you enter “caffeine” somewhere in the text box.
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