Google is reportedly buying Plannr, a mobile social calendar app.
This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a calendar. But, social in that it hooks up with your contacts and can integrate with other applications as well. You can update your entire attendee list with a single text when plans change. And Planner can also sync up with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or iPhone’s built-in calendar.
So, will Plannr simply update Google Calendar? Or, like in other cases, is Google buying the talent behind Plannr and not the application itself? It very well may be both. Because Google has talked about how they want to enhance their existing infrastructure with a layer of social activity. And this might just be a great way to do that.
But honestly, Plannr is kind of a Facebook knockoff. But, this is interesting. Because we’re seeing two different worlds evolve here. We’re seeing an app world, where people buy apps that integrate with other apps. And we’re seeing the platform world, where people flock to Facebook, and app builders design their apps for Facebook itself.
But, in the new digital world, where mobile phones are the new platform, is a home-base even necessary anymore? Will the evolution of the Web outgrow Facebook? If it ever does, you can count on Google being there to take over.