One of America’s oldest universities is turning to Google for new software, according to a new report. Yale is supposedly getting the entire Google Apps for Education shebang, including email, Google Calendar and Google Docs.
Google’s promoted Apps for Education as a cutting-edge and user-friendly solution for a while now. Since Yale is known as a well-regarded school, this is great PR for the Ivy League school. Other universities might accept Yale’s decision as a smart one and follow its lead.
Yale administrators wouldn’t just be doing Google a favor. David Tidmarsh of the Yale Daily News talked to members of the Student Technology Collaborative and confirmed that the switch to Google Apps would save the school a lot of computing resources when compared to the current system.
Be on the lookout for this rollout, which is set to happen shortly. Tidmarsh wrote, “The incoming class of 2014 will be the first to go directly to the new Google system, and current freshmen and sophomores will have to make the switch. Upperclassmen will have the option of keeping Horde, but the University plans to phase out Horde by spring of next year . . .”