Google has announced this week that they have developed a new report to help increase page load times to your business’ web page. This new report, known as the Speed Suggestion Report, will utilize its PageSpeed Insights tool to generate suggestions on how to increase your website’s performance speeds.
When this report is run, it will provide the user with a number, indicating if your website has any issues and where the problems may lay. Chen Xiao, a Google Analytics team member states, “The speed score indicates the amount of potential improvement on the page. The closer the score is to 100, the more optimized the page is for speed.” Xiao also adds that, “In the report, you can click through a suggestions link to see a page with all of the suggestions sorted by their impact on site speed.”
In the above example, the website owner can see where there may be room for improvement. These examples of the changes that can be made are actions such as reducing the amount of content that needs to load before your users can interact with the page, minifying Javascript, and reducing redirects.
Currently, website owners can run the existing Page Timings Report , which notifies you of the page load times for each of your business’ webpages. Once you receive those results, you can use the Speed Suggestion Report to improve each webpage.
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