Google has added five new reports to their Google Analytics reporting today, called Multi-Channel Funnels.
I can’t exactly imagine who was asking for this. It’s such crazy deep analysis that only PPC experts are even going to be able to understand it, but for those PPC gurus, I suppose it’s Christmas morning.
Until now, Google Analytics credited the last gateway source with a purchase referral. For example, a visitor clicks on an online ad, which brings you to your site, and he buys a set of golf clubs. You credit the ad with that sale referral. But, that might have been that visitor’s 5th visit to your site. And we’re only giving credit to the referral that resulted in the purchase.
Most people would probably say, that’s ok. Google wouldn’t have it. So now, these multi-channel funnels will tell you exactly how searches, ads and site referrals participated in the conversion.