According to research done by Google, 70% of mobile callers have called businesses directly from their search results. This click-to-call feature is a winning strategy for advertisers, especially for local businesses. With this research information, Google has announced this week that they have officially launched a new AdWord update involving phone calls made via click-to-call.
According to Anurag Argawal, Google’s Product Manager of Calls, “Starting today, phone calls from mobile click-to-call ads will be added to the regular Conversion columns, which enable them to be used with automated bidding solutions like Conversion Optimizer. ” This addition means that calls made from your desktop or mobile ad will count in your “Estimated Total Conversion” column, which is also a new conversion tool.
Google has also noted that these call conversions are based on not only the number of calls your business receives, but the duration of those calls. Calls were previously tracked in a separate column called “Phone Call Conversions”.
Argawal adds, “Adding calls to the Estimated Total Conversions column gives you a more holistic view of how your keywords drive those conversions, so you can set bids and budgets that more fully reflect the value you’re getting from AdWords.”
It’s pretty clear to see that businesses are not only able to drive their sales by adding their phone number to their ads, but are able to create a more personable experience for their customers. This new conversion will be a useful tool in determining what drives your business.
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