To help make better decisions about your Google AdWords campaign, the company has created a new report for your AdWords account: AdWords Search Funnels.
Currently, conversions in AdWords attribute to the last ad that a consumer clicks prior to making a conversion, which will mask the fact that a lot of people will perfume many searches before converting. AdWords Search Funnels will help consumers view full pictures by giving insight into the ads your customers interact with while shopping online.
AdWords Search Funnels is a set of reports that describe the ad click and impression behavior on Google that leads up to a conversion. Search Funnels will have seven reports, which includes, Assisted Conversions, First and Last Click Analysis, Time Lag & Path Length.
“Search Funnel enables us to create a better experience for our customers by helping us understand how they search for our products,” said Beth Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer from MetLife. “It is an important tool to help de-code consumer shopping habits and thought processes, which we can relate back to our online as well as offline advertising.”