With a Google AdWords campaign, it’s about results. It’s crucial to know that what you want to gain from the ad campaign and plan out how it will measure to that success.

There are a few things you’ll want to monitor during your Google AdWords campaign to make sure it’s performing well.

  • Are you ads running?
  • Is your Quality Score good?
  • Are you making a profile?
  • Are you meeting your goals?

It’s important to know what your advertising goals are. What do you want to achieve with your Google AdWords campaign and what’s the beast way to measure your success? For example:

Goal: Increase qualified visits to your site.
Measure: Use the charts and other graphs on your Campaigns tab to see how many clicks your ad receives.
This type of reporting will show how your Google AdWords account can provide you with all the information to show how your advertising performance. There will be performance summary graphs on most tabs of your campaigns tab. The graphs make it even easier to track the data you’re interested in the most. You can also get an idea pretty quickly on how your performance changes over time.