When doing Google Adwords marketing it is critical to understand the different ways to market a keyword. The three different variations are exact, phrase and broad match. Now let’s use the keyword red car and see what the three different variations can do to help your Google Adwords marketing. First off, we can use this keyword as a plural, so we are going to have exact, phrase and broad match based on red car and red cars, so you will have a total of six keyword variation. The exact match variation of red car(s), are for searchers that are actually only typing in those words. This is great to see clicks going to this because you know you are right on target with your potential clients. The phrase match version are for searchers that are adding words in front, behind or in front and behind of red car(s). Red car(s) has to be in that order though. Broad match is by far the keyword match that you need to watch out for, as this can hurt your internet marketing. This keyword match picks up all the variations of a keyword that you don’t have, but also matches you with keywords that can pertain to that keyword. Terms like car(s) red, blue car, car seats, truck, motorcycle and rear view mirror can show for that keyword, so you need to make sure you do reports to find out what you are being shown on and create negatives on keywords you don’t want to show, while adding keywords that can help you. Hope this helps you understand the different types of keyword variations in Google Adwords.