When running a Google AdWords marketing campaign for many countries and languages, translating your keywords and ads are typically a big problem unless you have someone that you work with or know that speaks that language. Even with that kind of help it becomes quite a process. Well Google is coming to your rescue again with the Google Translator Toolkit.
The Google Translator Toolkit will help you translate faster and easier with tools like translation search, custom terminology databases and bilingual dictionaries. This will dramatically improve your Google AdWords management process.
To utilize the Google Translator Toolkit, go into AdWords Editor and download an AdWords Editor Archive (AEA) file with your keywords and ads, and put it into the Translator Toolkit and it will automatically translate them. Pretty simple. From there you can utilize the multilingual optimizers and professional translators who will help optimize and localize your campaigns.
Now you are ready to download your file and upload it back to AdWords Editor.
The Google Translator Toolkit only translates your ads and keywords, so to make your targeting work better, make sure you create landing pages that are translated and the payment and support systems are ready for international customers.
For more information about the Google Translator Toolkit visit this Google blog.
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