When creating your Google Adwords marketing account you need to have a destination URL to run an ad, but do you know the policies set forth by Google Adwords? The rules are fairly self explanatory, but here at Windy City Strategies we see accounts from time to time manipulating the rules. First off the destination URL is the web address that an ad will link to, which is called a landing page. These guidelines set forth by Google Adwords are made so that users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. All destination URL’s have to meet these 3 rules to be approved, otherwise they will be disapproved.
1. It must link to a webpage that works. You do not want someone to click on your ad, get charged, and getting nothing out of your pay per click management campaign. This seems simple enough, but clients forget that creating a new website or updating the site can change the URL’s, and this can go undetected for quite a while, and that is frustrating for the client and pay per click manager.
2. The landing page must not be under construction. Well at least the page works, but there is no content to get the potential customer to bite. This again will cost you money with nothing to show.
3. The webpage must not require a program other than the browser to see it. The destination URL must be in HTML. Do not create landing pages that are in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat. If the page needs to have another program to get more information, you need to remember that not all users will be able to view the site, and that definitely will detract from the user experience.
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