When Windy City Strategies does internet consulting with a client, and we are looking over their Google Adwords marketing account we always give advice on little tricks that will get their ad noticed more. The one I would like to discuss today involves the display url.
As you may or may not know, when a search is made, Google will bold the search query in ads which helps with click through rates, and gets the ad noticed. This is something Google does to reward clients that take the time to create quality ads, and it works well. Now here is a trick that most people do not use.
The display url is the url displayed on your ad to identify your site to potential customers, and you have a max 35 character limit. Use it all. You should have ad groups with specific ads per product or service already, so if you sell Nike shoes, make your display url www.Example.com/NikeShoes, instead of www.Example.com. Your title in your ad and the end of your display url will be bold. That is one extra noticeable part of your ad, and it works great with your Google Adwords marketing, so take advantage of it.