If you are doing any Google AdWords management you are quite familiar with the term “quality score,” but do you know what it means? Well today we are going to discuss what Google’s quality score is and how it affects your AdWords account.
Quite simply, quality score is Google’s way of measuring keyword relevance. It is based on your keyword’s click through rate, ad text relevance and landing page among other things. This quality score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search query made at Google.
Now how does Google use this quality score? Well, they use quality score to influence how much your cost per click’s (CPC) are going to be, along with first page bid estimates. They also use it to determine if your ad is even eligible to enter the ad auction, so essentially the higher your quality score the better your ad position, and the less you pay per click.
Google says this helps that only the most relevant ads show at Google and its search partners.
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