The key to a successful Google AdWords management account is to understand the key differences between search and the content network. Today, we are going to talk about content network targeting and strategies for building and tracking your contextually targeted campaign.
Contextually targeted ads appear on content pages and properties, while search targeted ads appear on search sites. For contextually targeting, Google AdWords marketing looks for themes of the keywords in an ad group, and then decide whether they will show your ad for relevant content. If your theme matches the content theme of a page, then your ad may show.
Since keywords for search and content are analyzed differently, it is best to separate your Google AdWords advertising two campaigns – one for search and one for content. Remember that Google AdWords automatically activates you for both when you turn on your campaign. You manually have to turn off content or search depending on the campaign you have created.
In our next blog, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts for content targeting.
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