So the last couple blogs we have discussed why contextual targeting is different than search, and the do’s of the Google AdWords management content network. Today, we are going to discuss the don’ts, which are just as important as the do’s. Well let’s get to it.
1. Don’t create different URL’s per ad group.
2. Don’t bid at the keyword level. Again, remember keywords are just to theme your ad group, so your bid is applied at the ad group level. Does no good to bid at keyword level.
3. Don’t use keyword matching options. Only use the broad match, because it is only used for the ad group theme. Exact and phrase match do you no good. 10-15 theme keywords is best.
4. Don’t include single and plural words. Use one or the other and complete your ad group theme to optimize you ppc bid management.
5. Don’t create just one ad group per campaign. You can and should setup more than one ad group, and so several themes.
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