Google announced today that they are rolling out a new feature called AdWords Comparison Ads, which will help your Google AdWords management program even more. The AdWords Comparison Ad program will let users compare relevant ads more easily, and will let advertisers reach the consumers that are looking for your product or service specifically.
So why are Google AdWords Comparison Ads useful? Well, as an AdWords management company, bringing qualified and relevant traffic to our clients sites is our goal, and being able to quantify results is critical, and this is where Google is going to help us even more.
Let’s say you were an insurance company. Is the term “insurance” a good keyword? It is pretty broad as far as insurance, but specific also if you sold all types of insurance, so can it be a good keyword? It is broad, so it will bring lots of clicks, but it is not typically a strong keyword for conversions, until now, possibly.
When a user searches “insurance,” are they looking for auto, home, life, etc? AdWords Comparison Ads will show up and let users specify what they would like and then they can compare rates or companies side by side. If they click on the ad, it will direct them to a page with even more detailed results for the user. If the user finds what they like, they can either call directly or request a quote. Very nice, and of course can be tracked.
The AdWords Comparison Ads are still in the early stages, but again Google is at the forefront of innovation to improve searches. If would like to get more information about AdWords Comparison Ads visit this Google blog.
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